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Choosing Your Pathways  

What are the choices and how do you choose?

Select Your College Carefully

As you move through high school, you will reevaluate your expectations and plan new goals. Now is the time to capitalize on your strengths, recognize and accept your limitations, and make realistic choices. Being realistic about yourself will reduce the anxiety about making the right college choice. To narrow your choices, consider what is important to you about the college you attend. After all, it is the community where you will live, learn, work, and play. When choosing a college, focus on your qualifications as a student, not on your disability. Choosing a college with appropriate disability services is important, but that is just one of many things to consider when choosing a place where you can be successful and happy. Also be sure to remember your career goals and then look for an educational institution that can help you achieve them.

Understanding your postsecondary options will help you make decisions about what institutions to explore. Do not necessarily limit your search to those colleges that indicate they have specific services for students with disabilities. Here are helpful articles to assist you in choosing a college:

  • Using Vocational Rehabilitation After High School: The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is a resource you can continue to use after graduation. Find out how! Also available in PDF (1 pg 52 KB) and WORD (1 pg 17 KB)

  • Understanding Your Postsecondary Options: Learn the difference between various types of colleges and other post secondary options. Also available in PDF (1 pg 56 KB) and WORD (1 pg 39 KB)

  • Students with Disabilities and Access to Community Colleges: Continuing Issues and New Directions: Many students with disabilities choose community college programs over four year colleges as their first or only postsecondary education experience. This article supplies guiding questions, clarifying notes, and strategies for students with disabilities and their supporters (including family members and secondary educators) to assist them in becoming informed consumers or service providers as they pursue their investigation of community colleges as postsecondary education options. The article concludes by identifying emerging trends and issues that may serve as new directions for community colleges and that have the potential to affect the participation of students with disabilities. Also available in WORD (10 pgs, 63 KB) and PDF (10 pgs, 225 KB).
Additional Resources

HEATH Resource Center: Community Colleges and Students with Disabilities

HEATH Resource Center: Selecting A College for Students With Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

CCDA: Effective College Planning: Choosing the Right Kind of College