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Understand Your Postsecondary Options

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Career - Technical Education Centers

Career - technical centers prepare you for specific occupations. Many centers integrate the academic curriculum with real-life applications and with apprenticeships. Usually, day and night classes are available.

Two-Year Community Colleges / Junior Colleges

Offer a wide variety of two-year degree programs, these smaller colleges often offer many special services and allow students to adjust to college life before going on to a larger four-year university or to the world of work. The tuition at most two-year institutions is very reasonable and often students are able to live at home while taking classes.

Four-Year Colleges/Universities

Four-year universities usually offer many special services and have a multitude of degree programs. Class size is usually large and most students live in dorms or commute to campus. Whatever options you consider, contact the institutions that can help you reach your career goals, visit the campuses, and talk with the counselors and disabilities service coordinators about your goals and special needs.

Excerpted from Virginia's College Guide for Students with Disabilities (2003 Edition).
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