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Use this listing to locate the Web sites and contact the disability support services coordinators of Virginia's colleges and universities.

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Lord Fairfax Community College - Middletown Campus

173 Skirmisher Lane
Middletown, VA 22645
540-868-7110 (ph)
540-868-7100 (fax)
711 VA Relay (tty)


Sandy Wooddell
540-868-7106 (ph)

For accommodations during the admissions process, please contact:
Paula Dean
540-868-7142 (ph)

General Description:

LFCC offers over 70 different programs of study including degree and certificate programs. The College awards Associate degrees after two years of academic study. Students may choose the transfer (Associate in Arts and Science) degree program that allows them to enter a four-year college or university after their sophomore year or a technical (Associate in Applied Sciences) degree program that will provide marketable skills in two years or less. Or, if students want to be qualified for today's competitive job market, but do not want to invest two years to earn a degree, our Career Studies Certificate programs can be completed in one year or less. And LFCC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. That means courses taken at Lord Fairfax will transfer into a bachelor's degree program at most other accredited colleges and universities throughout the country.

Programs Description:

Counseling, advising, and academic support, including “reasonable accommodations,” are arranged for students who bring appropriate documentation of a disability and are prepared to self-advocate. Special needs served under the 504/ADA Program range from specific learning disabilities to severe mobility impairments, and emotional disorders.

Campus Enrollment

- Total number of students: 4000

Campus Activities:

- Programs (undergraduate and graduate) in which students with disabilities enroll: All

- Other campus activities:

Academic Accommodations:

- Course modifications - YES
- Course waivers - NO
- Course Substitutions:

  • Math - YES
  • Foreign language - NO
- Lecture notes, required readings, handouts and exams in alternative formats - YES
- Extended course time - YES
- Extended time to complete degree - YES
- Flexible class attendance requirements - YES
- Flexible in course requirements - NO
- Reduced course load with no consequences to financial aid / academic standing - YES
- Flexible in class scheduling - YES
- Arrangement for recorded texts and materials on campus or through the Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic - YES
- Alternative assignments - NO
- Assignments / syllabi in alternative formats - YES
- Use of aids in class:
  • Word processor - YES
  • Speller - YES
  • Dictionary - YES
  • Calculator - YES
- Priority seating in class - YES
- Notices to faculty about accommodations - YES
- Other academic accommodations: arranged on individual basis, as needed

Testing Accommodations:

- Standardized tests in alternative formats - NO
- Alternative forms and formats - NO
- Extended time - YES
- Quiet, distraction free place for test taking - YES
- Use of calculator - YES
- Rest periods - YES

Auxiliary Aids and Services:

- Computerized early registration - YES
- Priority registration - YES
- Assistive technology:

  • LOOP system - NO
  • Sound alert system - NO
  • Visual warning system - NO
  • Real-time captioning - YES
  • CCTV (to magnify material) - YES
  • Adapted equipment in science or studio workshop - NO
  • Speech output devices - YES
  • Brailling services - YES
  • Large print materials / texts - YES
  • Accessible computers - YES
  • Text reading software - YES
  • Other assistive technology - arranged on individual basis, as needed
- Developmental classes - NO
- Learning resource center - YES
- Mentoring program - YES
- Buddy system - YES
- Alternative formats for college / university document - NO
- Other auxiliary aids and services: arranged on individual basis, as needed

Support Staff

- Interpreters - NO
- Personal care assistants - NO
- Interagency service facilitator - NO
- Advisors - YES
- Career planning and counseling - YES
- Counseling services - YES
- Lab assistants - NO
- Note takers - NO
- Tutors - YES
- Readers - NO


- Preferential dorm assignments - NO
- Accessible housing on campus - NO
- Accessible facilities (elevators, buildings ...) - YES
- Accessible transportation to campus - NO
- Accessible transportation on campus - NO
- Scribe, readers - NO
- Orientation program for incoming students with disabilities - YES
- Campus map in alternative format - NO
- Accessibility to student activities - YES
- Disabled student support group - YES
- Referral to testing / evaluation centers - YES

Disability Support Service Coordinator

Last update: 9-, 2008