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CCCDA Resource Guide: Effective College Planning: What Are Accommodations, And How Do I Know Which Ones I Might Need?

Understanding disability support services will help you choose the right level of support and know how to obtain needed services.

What is the Disability Support Services Office (DSS)?

On most campuses, the DSS office (which may be just one person) provides services and supports for students with disabilities.

Who is the DSS counselor (sometimes called a coordinator, advisor or service provider)?

The DSS counselor is the person on the campus who will help you determine if you are eligible for services based on the documentation that you provide. This documentation verifies the status of your disability. If you are eligible for services, the DSS counselor also works with you to determine the appropriate academic adjustments and auxiliary aids and services that are necessary to afford you an equal opportunity to participate in the school's program.

When visiting a college, arrange a meeting with the disabilities service coordinator on campus. Come prepared to have a successful interview with this individual.

How much support do you need?

Careful investigation of services can be the key to a successful match between your needs and the available services.