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Getting Ready: A Self-Assessment

The following is a self-assessment that can be used by you, your adolescent, and members of the high school transition team. By completing this assessment, you will gain a better understanding of your adolescent's postsecondary needs. Here are some questions your adolescent needs to ask himself/herself.

1. How good is my academic background compared to the students with whom I will be competing?

2. What are my individual strengths and weaknesses?

3. What are my short term and long term goals?

4. How much time is provided to help me by a tutor or resource room teacher?

5. What is my reading level?

6. Do I have difficulty with written language?

7. Do I have a hard time with verbal expression, i.e. retrieving the appropriate words, understanding what others are saying, and using words in the correct context?

8. Do I have an eye-hand coordination problem such as finding certain information on a page or performing tasks which require fine motor coordination?

9. Do I find that I often misspell words?

10. Do I have difficulty doing mathematics?

11. What kinds of tests am I used to taking to assess what I have learned?

12. What are my study habits?

13. How clear is my handwriting?

14. What are my social goals?

Adapted from Life After High School: More Than Just a Job, [Brochure] by Roberta Gajewski and Sylvia Panzer. 1994, Indiana: Indiana Division of Aging and Rehabilitative Services and Crossroads Rehabilitation Center.

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