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Paving the Way  

What you need to know before you go…

additional resources
CCDA Resource Guide: Effective College Planning

HEATH Resource Center: Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities, 2005 Edition (PDF)

Use these articles to learn how college will differ from high school, how to get accommodations on pre-college tests like the SATs and ACTs and where to look for financial assistance.

  • College Terms to Understand: Learn the lingo! Use this glossary to become familiar with all of the terms you'll encounter in the world of post secondary education. Also available in PDF (8 pg. 148 KB) and WORD (8 pg. 57 KB)
  • High School versus College: Use this chart to gain a quick understanding of the major differences between high school and college. Also available in PDF (1 pg. 96 KB) and WORD (1 pg. 23 KB)

  • Understand How College Differs From High School: Review this listing of differences, consider your ability to adapt to each change, and determine the type and level of support you may need to be successful in a college environment. Also available in PDF (2 pg. 78 KB) and WORD (2 pg. 24 KB)

  • Pre-College Testing: Your guidance counselors will assist you in submitting an application and the supporting documentation necessary to qualify for and establish testing accommodations. Use this article to learn about when you should take these tests, how to locate information on test dates and making requests for accommodations.

  • Financial Aid: Start your search for financial aid early. Review this article to understand the ins and outs of financial aid and to locate resources and scholarships.